Avoid Tobacco to Spare Your Smile (video)

Few things are as harmful to you as tobacco. That’s true for both your overall and your oral health. As the American Dental Association video explains, tobacco users are more likely to have cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. They have a more difficult time treating those problems, and ...

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Four Reasons to Visit the Dentist Soon

You know what you should do to take care of your mouth. You’ve heard these things countless times throughout your life: Brush your teeth every day. Floss your teeth every day. Visit the dentist a few times each year. If you are like most people, you probably do the first thing. You ...

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Sedation Options Alleviate Dental Anxiety (quiz)

Don’t let fear of the dentist jeopardize your smile. Dental anxiety is a thing of the past at the office of Dr. Jeffrey T. Fester in Roswell! Take your choice of sedation with laughing gas or oral sedation with a small pill. Either option, along with our gentle care, will help you: Enjoy ...

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Whiten Your Teeth For a Bright Smile Fast (video)

Is your smile not quite as radiant as you’d like it to be? If dull teeth have you down, get a bright smile fast with professional teeth whitening from Dr. Jeffrey T. Fester in Roswell. Our whitening system will work quicker and provide more dramatic results than over-the-counter kits. Plus, ...

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Welcome to the New Website for Our Roswell, GA Dentist Office

You’ve arrived at the first blog of the new website for Dr. Jeffrey T. Fester’s office. We welcome you to take a look around our site, then visit us in person at our Roswell, GA dentist office. We have a range of services using state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques to preserve, ...

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