Why You Should Get An Oral Cancer Check (infographic)

In the month of April, you can enjoy the warmer weather, blooming flowers, and longer hours of daylight. It’s also Oral Cancer Awareness Month, which is a good reminder to schedule a dental cleaning and exam. If you make your appointment at our Roswell, GA office, your exam includes an oral ...

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Choose A Family Dentist Other Dentists Trust (video)

When a dentist is looking for someplace to go for their own oral care, they aren’t just going to go to see anyone. That’s why we think you should hear Robert’s testimonial in the video below. “I trust him to take care of me … as I would take care of myself,” Robert says. If you ...

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Stop Fooling Around & Get Dental Implants

It was a little embarrassing. When you were having lunch with your co-workers and your dentures came out when you took a bite, well, it spoiled everyone’s meal. You tried to laugh it off, but it was pretty clear that everyone at the table felt awkward after that happened. You’re just glad it ...

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Create The Perfect Wedding Day Smile (infographic)

You’ve received the invitation. You know what date to save. You have an outfit in mind — unless you’re in the wedding party, in which case someone has chosen the outfit for you. You know where you will go to have your haircut. Now, for the finishing touch, you need a great looking ...

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Repair & Replace Old Fillings With A Crown (video)

For patients who need to replace old fillings, it may be necessary to get a dental crown. Fillings don’t last forever (sorry), and when they crack, chip, wear down, or fall out, they aren’t effective at protecting your teeth. When it’s time to replace your old fillings, we can give you ...

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Get Your Dental Fillings & Keep Smiling

That dark spot on your tooth is getting bigger. It wasn’t just some piece of food that stuck to your teeth. It’s tooth decay that has developed into a cavity. Maybe you’ve noticed that tooth is more sensitive to hot or cold foods now. Maybe you feel slight pain when you bite or chew. One ...

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How Healthy Are Your Gums? (quiz)

This month, we have focused on gum health. To close our February blogs, we want to share something can help you assess how healthy your gums are today. Below, you will find a series of questions that could help you determine if you should seek gum disease treatment at our Roswell, GA dental ...

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Find Out If Our Gum Disease Treatment Will Work For You (video)

To continue with our Gum Disease Awareness Month posts, we are sharing a video featuring Dr. Jeffrey T. Fester today. In it, he discusses scaling and root planing. This is a non-surgical gum disease treatment that gets rid of the plaque and tartar that led to your periodontal infection. We have ...

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Good Gum Health Is Great For Your Smile

That taste just won’t go away. It’s not something that you ate, but it has been almost constant for the past week. You’ve also noticed some other changes that aren’t so nice. Some of your teeth feel like they are loose. You’ve notice pus and sometimes blood coming from your gums. Plus, ...

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Get Ready for Your Close-Up (infographic)

You see them on the big screen. You see them in celebrity magazines. You’ve probably seen them during the many awards shows broadcast during this time of year. We are talking about “Hollywood smiles.” Those are smiles that seem to be perfect. In reality, few (if any) people are born ...

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