You decided to go out for your company softball team. It’s been a couple of years — maybe more — since you attempted to play. But, you remember it was fun and a good way to get to know some of your coworkers a little better.

The first few weeks, you were pretty sore, but you were enjoying it. This week, was a little different. You went racing for a pop-up. Unfortunately, so did Bob from the accounting department. Neither of you called off the other. Instead of making a spectacular catch, you collided.

You wound up with a broken tooth, a sore lip, and a reason to visit the office of Dr. Jeffrey T. Fester in Roswell, GA. Call 770-587-4202 to learn how restorative dentistry can give you back a complete smile.

Remake Your Broken Tooth

For centuries, people have made dental crowns to repair damaged teeth. For a long time, metal crowns were the best option. Gold and amalgam (mercury and other metals) did an excellent job of restoring the function of damaged teeth, but they also could be distracting when you wanted to smile.

In modern dentistry, you can get a crown that looks, feels, and functions as well as a natural tooth. From a practical standpoint, getting a crown is a way to rebuild your tooth.

Let’s take the broken tooth above as an example. When you come to our office, we can reshape the tooth. This leaves the healthy and strong part behind to support your crown.

Your crown can be made of porcelain or e.max zirconium. We can explain the differences when you visit us in person. For now, you should know that both will restore the appearance of your teeth and your ability to bite and chew comfortably.

This same solution can be used to fix teeth that are worn-down, decayed, or cracked. That’s not all crowns can do, but it gives you a good idea the crowns are a versatile restorative solution.

What If Your Tooth Is Gone?

Imagine the collision with Bob from accounting went a different way. Instead of breaking a tooth, imagine one of your teeth was knocked out completely. You can’t place a crown on a tooth that isn’t there anymore. However, you have two ways to use crowns to fill the empty space in your smile.

A common solution that has been used for a long time is combining crowns together to form a dental bridge. To support a bridge, we can reshape the teeth near the gap in your smile like we do for a crown. Those teeth then provide the support to hold your bridge in place.

If you would rather leave those healthy teeth untouched, you can get an implant-support crown instead. Implants replace the roots of teeth. They are titanium screws that are embedded into your jaw, where they can support a restoration and keep it securely in place.

Ready For Your New Tooth?

To get a dental crown or bridge, all you need to do is visit Dr. Fester’s office in Roswell, GA. Whether you need to fix a broken tooth or something else, we have the experience and the services to restore your smile. Call 770-587-4202 or contact us online.