You know what you should do to take care of your mouth. You’ve heard these things countless times throughout your life:

  • Brush your teeth every day.
  • Floss your teeth every day.
  • Visit the dentist a few times each year.

If you are like most people, you probably do the first thing. You might do the second thing (although maybe not every day).

And you may or may not do the last thing, which is just as important as the first two.

You want a healthy smile. To have one, your mouth (sort of like your car or truck) needs a checkup by a professional from time to time.

At the office of Jeffrey T. Fester, DMD, we want you to have the healthiest mouth possible, which is why we hope you will schedule a cleaning and exam at our Roswell, GA dental office soon. You can call 770-587-4202 to make your appointment.

If you are still on the fence, here are four reasons you should come to see us.

1. You Have a Toothache

Your teeth should not hurt. Your teeth should not feel like they are throbbing. You should not wince when you take a bite of something or try to chew your food.

If any of these things are happening, you have a problem, and you need to fix it as soon as you are able. You might have a cavity, or you may have at tooth infection.

Depending on the severity of your particular issue, you might need a dental filling, a dental crown, or a root canal treatment. You want to stop the pain, and you want your smile to look natural when it’s all done.

We can help with both of those things at our office.

2. You Don’t Want Cavities

Do you remember the last time you had a professional dental cleaning? Was it more than six months ago? More than a year? More than five years?

A good guideline to follow is to visit the dentist at least a couple times per year. (People with chronic dental problems may need to come more often to keep them under control.)

A good daily oral hygiene routine and regular professional cleanings are the best way to prevent decay, cavities, and gum disease.

3. You Play Sports

If you play sports competitively or recreationally, you understand there is some risk of injury involved. That includes dental injuries for any high-impact sports.

Not sure if you play a high-impact sport? You do if your sport(s) of choice include high speeds, frequent changes in direction or speed, physical contact between players, or flying objects (like pucks or balls).

We can make an athletic mouthguard that is custom-fitted for your teeth at our office. This offers better protection and is more comfortable to wear than the kinds you can get in stores.

4. You Want to Change Your Smile

If you feel the need to hide your teeth when you laugh or talk, then we could help with our cosmetic services. Millions of Americans spending make changes to their smiles every year.

This can help improve your self-confidence and, in some cases, make it easier to keep your mouth healthy, too. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Fester if you would like to learn how you could upgrade your smile.

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