That dark spot on your tooth is getting bigger. It wasn’t just some piece of food that stuck to your teeth. It’s tooth decay that has developed into a cavity.

Maybe you’ve noticed that tooth is more sensitive to hot or cold foods now. Maybe you feel slight pain when you bite or chew. One thing is clear, you should contact Dr. Jeffrey T. Fester, DMD, soon.

You may not want a dental filling, but it’s a much better option than waiting for your problem to get worse. And it can get much, much worse if you let it.

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Block The Bacteria

We have some bad news. The bacteria that cause cavities already live in your mouth. Every day, these bacteria feed on the same foods that you eat. That gives them fuel to make plaque, the sticky film that clings to teeth.

This is why it’s so important to make brushing and flossing part of your daily oral hygiene routine. Those habits remove plaque, bacteria, and food particles from your smile.

This also is why you should me regular dental cleanings and exams part of your routine care. This is how we remove tartar and plaque buildup. It’s also when we notice the symptoms of tooth decay, so we can take action to stop it from getting worse.

Tooth fillings service some important functions. After the decay has been removed from your tooth, the filling replaces the part of your tooth has been eaten away. By doing this, you restore the function of your tooth and protect it against more decay.

Letting the cavity remain can lead to tooth infections and tooth loss down the road. Trust us when we say getting a cavity today is a better decision than waiting to act.

Bring Back Your Smile

For a long time, most dental fillings were made of some kind of metal. Gold and amalgam (usually mercury with other metals) fillings did an excellent job of restoring the function of your tooth. The problem is that they could also be distracting. When you smile, your metal fillings made some people self-conscious about speaking in front of other people.

Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for metal fillings. At our modern dental practice, you can get a tooth-colored filling instead. Using a composite resin, we can fill the hole created by decay.

The resin can be hardened, polished, and shaded. When this process is complete, your tooth can function correctly again, and you can have a natural-looking smile as well.

Get Substance & Style

We realize no one is getting a dental filling as a cosmetic statement. You get fillings because you are suffering from tooth decay, which could put your whole smile in jeopardy if it is treated.

Even so, most patients prefer a filling that matches the rest of their teeth to fillings that call attention to the fact that you’ve had a cavity.

If you notice the signs of decay setting in, then contact us online or call 770-587-4202 to request an appointment at Dr. Fester’s office sooner rather than later.