Good Gum Health Is Great For Your Smile

That taste just won’t go away. It’s not something that you ate, but it has been almost constant for the past week.

You’ve also noticed some other changes that aren’t so nice. Some of your teeth feel like they are loose. You’ve notice pus and sometimes blood coming from your gums. Plus, the roots of a few of those teeth are more visible than they should be.

Sounds unpleasant, doesn’t it?

Those are all symptoms of advanced gum disease. We hope for your sake it does not seem familiar at this time. In fact, our team at Dr. Jeffrey T. Fester’s dental office hope you never have those symptoms.

Instead, we want you to make preventive care a priority so your gums and your smile stay as healthy as they can be. To make an appointment with us in Roswell, GA, call 770-462-8963 now.

This month is Gum Disease Awareness Month, so we will be focusing on helping you

Keep Your Healthy Smile

Prevention is the best way to deal with gum disease. When you can avoid a periodontal problem, it’s best to do so.

Your daily oral hygiene routine can go a long way keeping your gums healthy. Brushing and flossing daily are how you remove harmful bacteria, plaque, and food particles that can lead to gum infections.

Even so, some people are more likely to develop gum disease than others. That’s similar to how things are with many diseases. It’s also why you need professional care from time to time. Making dental cleanings and exams part of your oral care routine can keep your gums in great shape. Alternately, regular dental visits make it more likely that one of our professionals will identify a problem in the early stages when treatments are less invasive and more effective.

Treat Gum Problems Early

While no one wants gum disease, statistics say that most of us will. Estimates vary from between 70 and 85 percent of the population will develop gum disease during their lives. That includes the nearly 50 percent of Americans 30 and older who have advanced periodontal disease.

At our Roswell office, we focus on non-surgical gum disease treatments whenever possible. In many cases, scaling and root planing is just what’s needed to get your smile back on track. This is a two-step process.

First, we’ll remove plaque and tartar buildup around the roots of your teeth. This creates an opportunity for your gums to heal. Next, we smooth the surface of your roots. This helps in two ways. It makes it more difficult for bacteria to attach to your teeth. It also makes it easier for your gum to reconnect to your tooth.

Depending on your condition, you may need an antibiotic to reduce your risk of reinfection. For patients who have chronic gum problems, more frequent cleanings may be necessary to keep their oral health under control.

Come To Us & Keep Your Healthy Smile

If you’ve had issues with gum disease in the past, we welcome you to visit our team at Dr. Fester’s office. Let us show you how healthy your mouth can be with regular care from our caring dental professionals.

Call 770-462-8963 or contact us online to request an appointment with us. We can help whether you need to treat a gum infection or you want to prevent one.

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