The new year — 2019 — has arrived, and it’s time to do something about your smile.

Whether your tooth loss is recent or you’ve been missing teeth for some time, you owe it to yourself to find out more about dental implants. This service has improved the lives of millions of people, including several in and around Roswell, GA.

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Make this year the year that you reclaim your smile!

Why Implants Are Important

Modern dental implants are known as root-form implants. They mimic the general shape and function of the roots of missing teeth.

By getting implants are you are doing some important things. First, you have a way to replicate what your roots do for your natural teeth. Roots anchor your teeth in your jawbone, but they also encourage jaw health.

When people bite and chew, their roots press into their jawbones. Your jaw responds to that pressure by making new bone tissue. This is needed to replace old bone tissue that is absorbed back into your body. Without that new tissue, your jaw will begin to shrink.

Traditional dentures and bridges don’t have a connection to your jawbone. While they can restore the appearance of your smile, they aren’t doing anything to prevent bone loss below your gumline.

Having implants has other advantages as well. Since the implant anchor your dental restorations in place, you won’t need adhesives to keep your replacement teeth where you want them to stay.

That direct connection to your jaw also allows you to restore nearly all of your biting and chewing power. As you heal from your implant placement, you’ll notice your bite getting stronger. It won’t be long until you can eat anything you want once again.

And since you won’t need any adhesive, you can enjoy the flavor of your food as well.

Who Can Benefit From Implants?

The short answer is anyone who is missing teeth.

If you are missing a single tooth, an implant-supported crown can fill the gap in your smile, prevent other teeth from shifting, and greatly reduce your risk of losing more teeth.

If you are missing multiple teeth, an implant-supported bridge is more secure and does not require grinding down healthy teeth to keep in place.

And if you are missing a whole row of teeth, implant-supported dentures can help you feel like you have a full set of natural teeth once again.

In short, if you want to speak, smile, and eat naturally, you should include dental implants as part of your teeth replacement plan.

Bring Back Your Smile … and More!

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