If you have dental insurance through your employer, then you should be grateful. This is considered a benefit for a reason, but it’s only a benefit if you take advantage of it.

If you have not yet scheduled an appointment for a dental cleaning and exam, then today is the day to call 770-587-4202. At Dr. Jeffrey T. Fester’s office, we accept most major insurance plans, and we’ll even help you filed out-of-network claims.

If you live in or near Roswell, GA, we want you to have a happy, healthy smile for as long as possible. Routine oral care can go a long way toward helping you keep your teeth.

Don’t Let Your Benefits Expire

Most of us have had this experience at one time or another. You get a coupon for a nice discount on something you want or need. But you wait a little too long, and the coupon expires. You’ve missed out on the opportunity that you had.

All things considered, that coupon may seem like a small thing. But dental benefits are about your teeth, which most people who are missing them will tell you, are more important than you may realize.

In general, dental benefits are set up on an annual basis. In other words, you lose those benefits if you don’t use them within the specified time. Specifics vary between providers and plans, so be sure to check yours for details, but most plans are set up to encourage preventive care. After all, getting a dental cleaning is less expensive than getting a cavity filled, a crown placed, or a root canal for a tooth infection.

If you don’t get you dental appoint within the designated time, then you have lost that benefit. Since you are paying for your insurance already (just look at your paystub), you should at least get what you are paying for, whether that’s a fully covered or discounted dental checkup.

You wouldn’t pay for a ticket that you didn’t intend to use. If you are getting dental insurance, don’t lose what it offers you.

Dental Care is an Investment in Yourself

Whether you have dental insurance or not, you should be making your oral health an important part of your life. Keeping your mouth free from cavities and gum disease can help you maintain your quality of life well into your golden years.

It’s hard to place a value on being able to eat the foods that you love, on not worrying about your “teeth” falling out of your mouth, and on knowing you can pronounce words correctly when you speak. These are all real concerns we’ve heard from patients who have lost teeth.

At the same time, poor oral health can increase other health risks as well. Gum infections can affect diabetes complications. Oral infections also have been linked to problems such as cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

Care For Your Smile Today to Keep It Tomorrow

If you haven’t been to the dentist yet this year, please contact us online or call 770-587-4202 today. Making an appointment before the New Year arrives could save you from starting 2019 on a bad note.

Dr. Fester and our team want to see you smile now and for many years to come.