Quickly Repair a Flawed Smile With Dental Veneers in Roswell, GA

Doctor Jeffery Fester on dental veneers

Say goodbye to drab, unattractive teeth and hello to your gorgeous new smile. Dental veneers placed by Dr. Jeffrey T. Fester in Roswell, GA can:

  • Give you a beautiful, confidence-building smile quickly.
  • Boost your self-esteem and drive to achieve.
  • Give you a more attractive appearance.
  • Help you look younger and more vibrant.

To get your new smile, call us today at 770-462-8963. We’re located at 1455 Old Alabama Rd., Ste. 120 in Roswell – just off Holcomb Bridge Road (Highway 140).

Veneers Turn Back the Clock on Your Smile

Teeth veneers are thin, wafer-like shells of porcelain that Dr. Fester can place over the front of less-than-perfect teeth. People often refer to them as “instant orthodontics” because they can transform your smile with just two office visits in most cases.

If your teeth are chipped, badly stained, worn down, gapped slightly, uneven, or just short, custom veneers will repair these flaws quickly. Take years off your smile in a flash! To ensure that each of our cosmetic dentistry patients gets the beautiful new smile they’re seeking, Dr. Fester offers several types of teeth veneers. These are:

  • Standard Porcelain Veneers – These are the traditional veneers that have stood the test of time. We’ll first remove a small amount of enamel to prepare your teeth. Then we’ll make impressions of your mouth so our lab partner can customize your veneers to our exact specifications. When they are ready, you’ll return to our office and Dr. Fester will bond them to your teeth to create your stunning new look.
  • IPS e.max Veneers – e.max veneers are crafted from lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and are designed to flex slightly more than standard veneers. This means they will last longer and better withstand the forces of biting and chewing over the years. Plus, their materials and construction give them a lifelike appearance that is second to none.
  • Lumineers Veneers – Lumineers are among the thinnest veneers available on the market (about the thickness of a contact lens). In most cases Dr. Fester won’t have to modify your teeth before placing these veneers. After a complete exam and X-rays, Dr. Fester can tell you if you’re a good candidate for Lumineers.
  • DURAthin Veneers – These beautiful, minimally invasive veneers are very thin and can usually be placed without removing any tooth enamel. This means your natural teeth will stay fully intact, and you won’t have to wear temporary veneers while your DURAthins are being made.

Call our office at 770-462-8963 today and get your dental veneers in just two visits!

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