In Roswell, GA, Mouthguards Save Smiles

Tooth decay and cavities aren’t the only things that can hurt your smile. Accidents, collisions, and teeth grinding create problems, too. Athletic mouthguards and night guards can protect your teeth and preserve your smile.

The right mouthguard:

  • Is comfortable to wear.
  • Protects your teeth and jaw during games and practices.
  • Reduces the effects of dental injuries.
  • Can prevent the grinding that leads to headaches and jaw pains.
  • Can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Dr. Jeffrey T. Fester can design custom-fitted mouthguards for every member of your family to wear on the field or overnight. To find out how a custom-made mouthguard could help you or someone you love, call 770-462-8963 to schedule a visit to our Roswell, GA dental office at 1455 Old Alabama Rd., Ste. 120.

Don’t Put Your Smile at Risk

The American Dental Association and other professional dental organizations recommend wearing a mouthguard for any high-impact sport. You should wear a mouthguard if you run, jump, have physical contact with other athletes, or bat, catch, or throw something as part of your competition.

It’s not just football players and wrestlers who need to protect their teeth. Baseball players, basketball players, and bicycle riders have the highest number of dental injuries. In general, athletes who don’t wear mouthguards are 60 times more likely to suffer oral injuries.

The best sports mouthguard is one that has been custom-designed for you. They provide better protection than the kinds you can find in stores, and they are more comfortable to wear. The cost of getting a mouthguard is small compared to the cost of repairing or replacing teeth.

Night Guards Can Help You Sleep Better

Millions of people wear down their enamel by clenching and grinding their teeth together. This can lead to headaches, earaches, jaw pain, and more problems. A bite guard can protect your teeth, prevent the grinding, and end your pain. If you’ve already damaged your teeth as a result of grinding, our restorative services can rebuild your smile.

Frequent snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that can increase your risk of heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents (due to sleep deprivation). It also can make it difficult for your spouse or partner to get a good night’s sleep as well. A Silent Nite® oral appliance can open your airways so you and your partner can get the deep, healthy sleep you need by reducing or eliminating your snoring.

If you want to stay in the game or just sleep better, we can help at our Roswell, GA dental office. Contact us online or call 770-462-8963 to get started on your sleep apnea treatment!

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