Root Canals Restore Your Oral Health ASAP
  • Eliminate the pain of a diseased tooth
  • Protect your overall oral health
  • Complete your restoration with a beautiful crown

Roswell Root Canals Will Help You Feel Better

Contrary to what many people believe, Roswell root canals don’t cause pain. A root canal procedure actually puts an end to your nagging toothache so you can feel good again. At the dental office of Dr. Jeffrey T. Fester, root canal treatment will:

  • Save a diseased or damaged tooth in most cases, avoiding the need for extraction
  • Eliminate the hassle and expense of a replacement tooth
  • Help stop the spread of disease and prevent damage to your other teeth
  • Restore your chewing capacity so you can enjoy mealtimes again
  • Allow you to smile with more confidence

For gentle root canal care, call us today at 770-587-4202. If you’re in pain, we’ll fit you in for an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

Trust Us for a Comfortable Root Canal Procedure

Root canal treatment doesn’t deserve its bad reputation. In the hands of a dental veteran like Dr. Fester, it is a beneficial way to help suffering patients. In fact, most patients report feeling no more discomfort than they do getting a tooth filled. Our whole team enjoys seeing a patient smile again after coming into our office with a painful tooth.

Regular dental cleanings and exams every six months will go a long way toward keeping cavities at bay. However, if tooth decay develops and eventually reaches the soft, inner portion of a tooth (known as the pulp), it can cause intense pain. Bacteria can also get inside your tooth if damage like chips and cracks isn’t repaired.

These situations usually require root canal therapy. Dr. Fester will:

  • Numb the area with local anesthesia, for comfortable treatment.
  • Use special instruments to clean out the infected pulp.
  • Disinfect the inside of the tooth with germ-killing medication.
  • Fill the tooth with a special rubber-like material to help prevent reinfection and further problems.
  • Recommend a new crown fashioned from either porcelain or zirconium as a finishing restoration. It will strengthen and protect the repaired tooth.

Roswell root canals help – they don’t make your pain worse. Call us today at 770-587-4202 to schedule your appointment. You can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Root Canals

Why have a root canal?

When the soft inner portion of a tooth (known as the pulp) becomes infected, it can produce intense pain. This can happen as a result of an untreated cavity or an injury to the tooth that allows bacteria inside. A root canal involves removing the diseased pulp, sterilizing the tooth, and sealing it with a rubberlike material and a crown.

Are root canals painful?

Although many people believe that root canal therapy is painful, it is no more uncomfortable than getting a tooth filled. We’ll use a local anesthetic to make sure the tooth is numb before we begin your procedure. That way you can relax and feel confident that you’re not going to feel any discomfort.

How much does a root canal cost?

Treatment costs can vary greatly for a root canal, so you will need to come in for an initial exam and imaging before we can give you a cost for your particular procedure. For your convenience, we do offer several flexible payment options, including financing through a third party.

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