Tooth Fillings Will Make Your Smile Whole Again

Even if you keep up with your regular checkups twice a year, you may end up with a cavity at some point – many of our patients do. Tooth fillings placed at our Roswell, GA dentist office will repair your tooth and keep your smile looking great. Composite fillings from Dr. Jeffrey T. Fester will:

Doctor Jeffery Fester on tooth fillings
  • Stop tooth decay and seal your tooth to prevent further problems.
  • Blend in naturally with your other teeth, using tooth-colored composite resin.
  • Help you smile more confidently, knowing others won’t see silver in your mouth.
  • Provide metal-free tooth restoration, giving you one less thing to worry about.
  • Make biting and chewing more comfortable.

Call 770-462-8963 today to make an appointment if you think you might need a filling. Our office is located on Old Alabama Rd., across from Sky Zone Trampoline Park. We’re especially convenient for residents of the 30076 ZIP code.

Relax & Let Us Do All the Work

No one likes to think about getting a tooth filled. However, if you need a filling placed, our skilled team will make the process as comfortable for you as possible.

Take advantage of soft pillows and warm blankets to help you relax. We even keep sunglasses on hand to cut down on eye strain.

Our Other Restorative Options Can Help You Smile & Eat Easier

Your smile will rest in excellent hands if your tooth repair needs more than a simple filling. Root canal treatment will stop your pain and save your tooth. Combinations of dental implants, crowns, bridges, and dentures will replace missing teeth, restoring your confidence and biting power. Whatever your situation, we have the dental expertise and tools to help.

Our tooth fillings restore beauty and function to damaged teeth. Call us today to schedule your appointment for smile-preserving treatment: 770-462-8963.

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